― The three unique suronin defeat evil with the blade of justice. A thrilling drama that has added new charms to period film. ―


Director:Kazuyoshi Yoshikawa

Screenplay:Tatsuo Nogami

Cast:Hideki Takahashi, Koji Yakusho, Koasa Shunputei, Kaoru Sugita

Music:Asei Kobayashi




Presented by TOEI COMPANY, LTD.


Heishiro Yasaka, also known as Tono-sama, Shinnosuke Kuji, aka Sengoku, and Jinnai Tsubakuro, aka Tako, who all seem to have a hidden past head towards Edo through the Koshu Highway. The place is Fukagawa Hachimantsubo road in Edo. A cart-pulling horse suddenly runs into "Matsunoyu". It seems that the owner of Matsunoyu, Matsube, is being forced to move out by the Shoten family. However, as Matsube continues to stubbornly refuse, the Shoten family's harassment becomes worse day by day. The reason for the Shoten family's persistence with Matsunoyu, seems to lie in the location.


Hideki Takahashi, Koji Yakusho and Koasa Shunputei's excellent teamwork and perfect fit to their roles, the open-hearted Tono-sama, the righteous Sengoku, and the frivolous Tako, are all crucial points for looking into "Sanbiki ga Kiru!" ("Three for the Kill!"). The three suronin sometimes help each other and sometimes fight, either way to stamp out the evil from their destinations with the blade of justice to create an intense period drama that not only captured the hearts of period film fans of the time, but also a new generation of fans.