― The blind assassin Ichi kills the unforgivable. A truly moving film that shows Katsu and the young Mieko Harada's intense charms. ―


Director:Shintaro Katsu

Screenplay:Shintaro Katsu, Tsutomu Nakamura

Cast:Shintaro Katsu, Mieko Harada, Asao Uchida, Koichi Tanizaki

Music:Kunihiko Murai




Presented by Nihon Eiga Broadcasting Corp.


Young Jinta who wants to become a yakuza is told by Seibe of Yotsuya to kill Zatoichi as a condition of becoming his henchman. He of course stands no chance. Ichi leaves the injured Jinta at the infirmary of an inn. At the same time, a happening had occurred at the infirmary. A small girl named Ten who was suffering from leukemia had disappeared. Ichi who was tired from being persistently targeted by the Yotsuya family, happened to end up travelling with Ten. Although it had been kept a secret, Ten knew very well that she only had one more month to live. As Ten grew up in the mountains, she had wanted to see the sea once before she dies. Ichi and Ten's strange life together starts at the seaside delivery room...


The third Zatoichi television series to be created after much popularity of the past series. Although based on a fairly simple format, where Ichi communicates with the various people he meets at his destinations, Katsu, who of course plays the man role, also writes the script for many of the episodes and even directs. His sense stands out though the whole story, and the relationships that develop are also a must see.